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General Resources for the History of Physics
General Resources for the History of Science in Teaching

General Resources for the History of Physics
American Institute of Physics: Resources for the History of Physics
This website provides links to literally hundreds of history of physics resources available on the Web. Organized by topic, this portal connects users with information about famous physicists, the history of major physics laboratories and institutions, and the history of related fields such as space science, geophysics, and astronomy.
Distinguished Women of Past and Present: Physics
This Web page created by Danuta Bois is part of a larger project that pays tribute to women’s contributions in a variety of fields. This section on physics provides links that allow users to learn more about the life stories and professional accomplishments of dozens of female physicists. Included in this index are Maria Curie and Lise Meitner.
Physics World magazine
This website, produced by Physics World magazine, contains news, features, reviews, editorials, and analysis.There is a search facility to look back through past articles which include a collection of the best articles that Physics World has published on the topic of the history of physics. The articles cover the lives and personalities of many great physicists (which are sometimes as fascinating as their discoveries). Articles include “Max Planck: Reluctant Revolutionary,” William Gilbert: Forgotten Genius,” and others.
World of Scientific Biography: Physicists
This collection of biographies from Wolfram Research includes hundreds of entries, including all of the major physicists who are spotlighted in this History of Science in the Physics Classroom product.
The American Physical Society: A Century of Physics
This interactive website allows users to move a cursor over a timeline representing the past 120 years of the history of physics. As the cursor moves, different headlines appear, such as “The stars are classified” or “A radioactive element is used to examine photosynthesis.” Descriptive text accompanies each headline. This website helps students place discoveries in a temporal context and underscores the cumulative nature of physics knowledge.
The Nobel Prize in Physics
This educational website helps students learn more about the Nobel Prize in Physics. It presents biographical information on all the Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics, background about the prize-awarding institution (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences), and the nomination and selection of Physics Laureates.
History of Electromagnetism
This history website was created by Jeff Biggus. It provides a timeline of major contributions to the fields of optics, magnetism, electricity, and electromagnetism. Starting in 300 B.C.E., and continuing through Einstein’s work in the early 1900s, the timeline contains links to biographical information about major contributing physicists.

Pictures of Famous Physicists
The American Institute of Physics put together this picture gallery website that presents images of famous physicists like Newton, Oppenheimer, and Feynman. Most of the images are photographs, but others are drawings or postage-stamp images.
Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities
This website present biographical information on the many great physicists who worked in the field of electromagnetism. Broken into eight sections, the website covers the contributions of early physicists like Charles-Augustin de Coulomb as well as the more recent ones of Einstein and Michelson.

General Resources for the History of Science in Teaching
History of Science Society
This is the home of the preeminent organization for historians of science. The link takes you to their Committee on Education, where you will find in-class activities and other resources for the classroom.
This website is a resource site for teachers using sociology, history, and philosophy of science in science teaching. “SHiPS” is primarily an organization of science teachers, and the site contains curriculum modules, sources for the history of science, and many useful links.
The Personal Web Site of Dr. Robert A. Hatch, University of Florida
This site contains many useful links for the history of science, as well as a collection of lesson plans developed with NSF funding that incorporate the history of science into science teaching.
Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, England
This site includes online exhibits and other useful resources, as well as links to other museums of science history.
Women in Science
This site has entries covering the past 4,000 years, although its emphasis is pre-20th century. The data can be sorted by discipline and include photographs. Maintained by Dr. Deborah Crocker, University of Alabama, and Dr. Sethanne Howard. U.S. Naval Observatory.


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